Brainbuzz | Team


Cat Goldberg


Cat Goldberg is the founder of BrainBuzz, a neuromarketing company based in Miami. Employing insight into the brain's decision-making process, she creates persuasive, neurologically compelling content for businesses of all kinds. Cat literally wrote the book on neuromarketing for the cannabis industry. Visit to learn more.

Michelle Janikian

Lead Project Manager

Michelle is a writer and digital content strategist. At BrainBuzz, she oversees all content creation, campaigns, implementation, and progress. One of her main responsibilities is to monitor clients’ social media platforms and provide analytic reports on growth and community engagement. Research is also a critical part of her role at BrainBuzz, constantly keeping up to date with our varied clients’ communities and special interests. Her expertise includes targeting potential customers directly via social media, establishing genuine connections between customers and brands. She also participates in copywriting, brainstorming, and organizing new campaigns. Originally from New York, Michelle spends most of the year living abroad. She enjoys writing, reading, and traveling.

Martin Clarke

Graphic Content Creator

Martin is a British illustrator & designer from Nottingham, England. He provides tailored graphics to suit a wide array of projects, ranging from hand drawn to clean design, digital or print. Whatever the needs of our clients; Martin will create images to suit, allowing them to communicate effectively with their customers through visual story telling. With a background in traditional art and design, Martin hopes to create imagery that stands apart by bringing together the old skills and the new. He enjoys cooking, playing guitar in his band, movies and half looks forward to the coming zombie apocalypse.

Zack Martin

Creative Director

Zack holds a Bachelor's Degree in Liberal Arts & Sciences from Sarah Lawrence College. Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Zack now lives in New York City where he assists BrainBuzz in all things creative using advertising, marketing, videos for clients, and social media. Zack is also a professional actor in NYC. Zack enjoys several sports such as hockey, tennis, skiing as well as going out with friends and family in his spare time.

Katherine Schreiber

Katherine Schreiber is the co-author of The Truth About Exercise Addiction: Understanding the Dark Side of Fitspiration. She holds her MFA in Creative Nonfiction from Sarah Lawrence College and writes about psychology and health for a living. Her work has appeared in Psychology Today, Cosmopolitan, Shape, Greatist, and Muscle & Fitness. Apart from her work, she's a huge fan of the gym, doing yoga, and eating things with vegetables in them.


Moriel Berger

Digital Content Editor

Moriel Berger is a Los Angeles-based writer and social media strategist. In addition to her role at BrainBuzz, she has applied her creative and marketing expertise to extensive work in the non-profit sector. Her approach is twofold: her first goal is to establish a nuanced understanding of a client's mission and brand. Then, she seeks to present that information to a target audience in the form of a unique and enjoyable sensory experience. In her spare time she enjoys hiking, cooking, and the understated company of cats.

Kristen Gull

Brainstormer Contributor

Kristen is a Southern California native and Sarah Lawrence College graduate. She is a writer, comedian, actor, and singer. She regularly performs stand up, as well as improv with Calico High School, at various venues in Los Angeles.