Brainbuzz | FAQ

Simply put, neuromarketing is the practice of using our knowledge of how the brain works to help market and sell a product or service. We may think we're in control of the decisions we make -- but not always! Our brains respond -- in a nanosecond -- to positive stimuli such as reward, sex and happy attractive faces. And we're hard wired to avoid pain. In fact, we'll go out of our way to do it! This is where Brainbuzz comes in. Traditional neuromarketing physically scans a customer's brain recording reactions to a message or product on a subconscious level. In college, we actually wired up and collected data for the country's largest neuromarketer whose clients include Fortune 100 companies. We use this revolutionary research with my clients designing strategies to increase profits. The formula is straightforward and highly successful: What pain can you solve in your customer's life? Does the cost of your product or service outweigh that pain? We'll help you answer those questions and together we'll do neuromarketing right.
In order to build buzz and momentum, you need an emotional connection to your brand or product. It is very important that this connection isn't forced, and my service can help you form that genuine emotional bond. For example, the emotion of disgust is extremely powerful. Incorporate humor and disgust in your marketing strategy, and you will automatically stick in the brain of anyone who sees it. Thank evolution, not me!
If you aren't seeing results from your traditional social media, you may have forgotten social media must generate buzz offline as well as online. We can help you craft your brand online so that people remember it and start talking about it offline. Word-of-mouth is undeniably the most successful marketing tool.
In neuromarketing, there’s a formula that, if followed, allows for a successful social media campaign. BrainBuzz identifies what variables are most important and how to make them stick in the brain. Startups change very frequently, and BrainBuzz can adjust your marketing strategy painlessly and with minimal effort.
Absolutely! You are an important part of your community and BrainBuzz helps you use this to your fullest advantage. BrainBuzz will turn your loyal customers into a social campaigning army for your business. We'll build the architecture for your marketing campaign. The most successful campaigning is done by the community/customers themselves. There are ways we can reward your loyal customers guaranteeing they don't feel left behind as you grow.
Not at all. Our goal is to present your brand in a way that compels viewers to stay on your page longer -- upping the likelihood they'll make a purchase. Remember, as long as customers have brains, Brainbuzz can help!
Of course! Neuromarketing works on and offline. BrainBuzz focuses on creating the most attractive customer experience possible. For example, what is the atmosphere like? How’s the lighting? What does it smell like? What volume is the music? What genre? All of these elements subconsciously influence how people make buying decisions. We can craft these elements so they are most neurologically compelling to the brain.
BrainBuzz loves writers! Since you are your brand, BrainBuzz can teach you how to run your social media so you’re on important people’s radar. Imagine, in a perfect world, who, ideally, would be attracted to your writing? BrainBuzz reverse engineers your marketing strategy so that radar will zoom in on those customers ready and willing to buy your book. BrainBuzz can also provide guidance regarding ranking if your book is sold on Amazon.
BrainBuzz will give you untapped insight into your customers! Knowing how brains operate is to know how to transform potential customers into paying customers. Neuromarketing methods are incredibly effective regardless of the company or product. We can Neuro Optimize your website so that you get more traffic, visitors stay on your page longer, and compel them to buy/sign up for your product/service. BrainBuzz takes your hard work, time, and passion, and by just tweaking your strategy slightly, we can make it stand out in people’s brains.
If you are not getting the results you want, then the answer is no. There are about a billion people on social media. A fraction of one percent of those people are going to be interested in you. BrainBuzz uses neuromarketing to find those people so that you get the most for your time and money.
Results won’t happen overnight, but you will see a general/gradual increase from the start. What makes us different than other PR/Social Media firms is that most firms invest a lot of time to build a campaign, and if it does not go well, they are too hesitant to scrap it. BrainBuzz will collaborate with you to figure out what does and doesn’t work. Our ability to recover quickly allows us efficiency and flexibility so there's more time to stumble onto something really big.